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Western Training      

Memory Lane with Katie Purdy
Lake Oswego Hunt is a wonderful place to ride and we welcome riders of all disciplines. Our western trainer, Katie Purdy, has competed in 4-H, OHSET, and IHSA in English and Western disciplines. She has shown at the local, regional, state and national levels. In 2009, she won the Advance Western Horsemanship Regional Championships. Katie is also a certified instructor in Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) as a master instructor. 
Cow clinic 
Katie has a love for horses no matter the discipline. She learned how to care, train, and manage horses at Oregon State University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Equine Science. After college she had the opportunity to gain many great and valuable experiences including an internship at KEMI breaking colts and at a therapeutic riding center.
What Katie is most proud of is all the students and horses she has had the privilege to work with. She has taught students with various backgrounds ranging from first time riders to riders returning after a forty year break. Her students’ ages range from 6 to 60 years old. Currently she has students competing at OHSET state and on the local circuit.
Katie encourages her riders to not be afraid of their horses. Her philosophy is that mentally you are bigger, stronger and more powerful than your horse. So, when you control yourself you gain control of your horse. Having an enjoyable ride every time is also very important for the rider and the horse. With each lesson, Katie ensures that you always end on a positive note - no matter where you are riding - in the arena or out on the trails.
Trail ride
Katie has broken over 90 horses including Quarter Horses, Trakehners and Thoroughbreds. While growing up, Katie cleaned stalls for the opportunity to ride any horse that she could in the barn. Usually, it was the one no one else wanted to ride because it bucked or had a behavior problem. Katie gained a lot from this experience. She learned that developing a bond between horse and rider is absolutely crucial. She has a passion to understand horses, especially those that may have some training or behavioral issues.
Katie understands that horses can be just as fragile as humans. She is a firm believer that riders can always learn more and never know enough about their horses. A goal of hers is to live each day to the fullest, and she would honestly prefer each day to be spent with horses.
For more information please contact Katie Purdy at or 503.819.8477.
What Katie's riders are saying...
“Katie did an amazing job making me feel comfortable after just getting back into riding! She was really patient and easy to work with!” -- Holly
"So patient, so constructive. I have improved so much thank you." -- Linda
"Some people aren't sociable people or they are shy, I am one of these people and when I walked through The Hunt Club's door I felt I could be anyone I wanted to be with the horses. My Mom and I, including my Grandma, appreciate everything you are doing to help me! Thanks so much!!!!!!" -- Bridget
"It's a wonderful riding experience, and there is so much to do! My horse loves the trails and enjoys the company of other horses. Green grass is perfect for grazing, and the arenas are roomy and great for all styles of riding. Having ridden both English and Western at LOH, I started as a beginner and have enjoyed each lesson with great coaching from friendly, safe trainers that have years of experience training riders of all levels." -- Emily

"I love coming and riding with my instructor Katie." -- Grace